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5 Alternatives To Working At Home

Tired of working from home? Although working from home offers many benefits, such as elimination of commute, it has its own share of challenges.
Distraction is the number one problem faced by people who work from home. Add to that the lack of space. Fortunately, there are several work from home alternatives for freelancers and remote workers. Here are 5 great alternatives for you to try: 

The Local Coffee Shop

Coffee is a staple drink for most working men and women. It isn’t a surprise that the coffee shop is a popular place for people to work at. Aside from coffee, you also get access to free Wi-Fi. This makes it the perfect place to work and relax at the same time.
On the flip side, some may find the coffee shop too noisy and distracting.

The Library

Can’t deal with the noisy crowd at the coffee shop? Take your laptop to the local library. It’s an ideal place to work. That being said, the library may have slow internet, and the pin drop silence may put some people to sleep.

Local Park

Need a change of scene? Head towards the local park. You can work under a shaded table peacefully, while enjoying the serene view. Of course, this isn’t a feasible option in the long run. Firstly, you can work at a park only if you have a portable internet device. Moreover, parks are packed with people in the evenings. So, it’s better check in early morning. Most importantly, you can’t work at a park for too long in summers.


Co-working space is a shared working space. It has become popular worldwide, with many companies taking advantage of them. It’s a flexible, economical long-term space solution.
Although these spaces differ depending on the service provider, most packages cover amenities such as shared free Wi-Fi, telephone, printer and receptionist.
You also get access to a high quality location at an economical price. Furthermore, these shared spaces provide the opportunity to boost an individual’s personal and business networks. 

Serviced Offices

A serviced office is a fully furnished office space, equipped with essential amenities, such as meeting room, telephone services, Wi-Fi, etc. So, you won’t have to spend on initial set up expenses.
Situated mainly near transport centres, these offices are easily accessible. In addition, they have different sizes to suit varying needs. Furthermore, serviced offices have a team of professionals who handle maintenance and other related tasks, including cleaning, security and IT support.
While serviced offices are a bit more expensive than a co-working space, they are much more economical than a traditional office space.
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