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These Essentials Make Meeting Rooms More Productive!

Meetings are a regular feature of business. Whether it’s a client or an employee meeting, a well-organized meeting leads to enhanced productivity and operations.
But, majority of individuals consider meetings unproductive and a waste of time. This is why it’s imperative to prepare for and administer meetings effectively.
Here are some essentials to consider in order making the most of meetings:

Audio Visual Aid

First off, it’s important to check all audio and visual systems before a conference. Make sure you have essentials ready which include, but are not limited to, uninterrupted Wi-Fi, overhead projector, slide projector, remote control for projectors, projector stands, laptops or computer systems, microphones, mouse and computer speakers.
In addition, use top quality video equipment, including VHS and teleconferencing. It’s also recommended to keep auxiliary tools, such as laser points and slide trays ready.

Comfortable & Professional Looking Furniture

Conference room décor is a crucial factor for making the right impression on guests. Furniture can make or break the look and feel of a meeting room.
Before you pick up furniture items, make sure you know the exact number of people who will be attending the conference.
Choose professional looking, comfortable table and chairs. The table should be placed strategically. Allow enough space between chairs. Also, there should be enough room between chairs and wall for people to get up and walk around.
In case of virtual offices, ask your service provider to incorporate personal touches to the conference room. They can put up framed pictures to personalize it.


Another important factor affecting meeting room interiors is lighting. While natural day time light really does wonders, use high quality light fixtures and energy lights in the evening. Check all electrical switches and air conditioning beforehand.
If you have windows in the meeting room, opt for window blinds. They look more modern and formal than curtains. Also check if the conference room is clean or not.


Stock up on refreshments beforehand. This is particularly true for long meetings. Even if it isn’t a long one, hospitality matters in business.
Serve fresh coffee and tea to the attendees. Aside from tea and coffee, you should provide soft drinks, light snacks and water as well.

Other Items

Some other items to have in a meeting room include, but are not limited to, printer, scanner, markers, notebooks, fire alarm and CCTV surveillance (if required).
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