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Virtual Office vs. Creating An Office Space From Scratch

Are you contemplating investing in a virtual office or a traditional office? You have come to the right spot. 
Technological advancements have brought with it many wonders. One of these is the virtual office. Virtual offices offer endless possibilities to business owners. Today, entrepreneurs and start-ups can set up their business anywhere through these offices. Virtual offices eliminate the need to buy an office space on rent, which is a great financial advantage. But, does it make sense to run a business virtually?
Read on to find out the main differences between virtual and conventional office spaces:

The Cost Factor

When it comes to cost, virtual office is the clear winner. These offices eliminate the need to buy or rent a property. Similarly, there’s no need to spend money on office maintenance and equipment and furniture. Thus, you save on office equipment and overheads.
As a result, you can focus your finances on other areas.


Virtual office service providers charge on a monthly basis. That’s one of the major benefits over conventional spaces. The fact that you’re not tied down to a fixed contract allows flexibility.


Virtual offices are better for the environment. Firstly, they eliminate the need for commute and save you on fuel and transport costs. Not having a physical office location also saves paper. Employees in traditional offices waste excessive paper. Thus, virtual offices save paper.

Client trust

Clients are more likely to trust a business that has a physical office location. However, keep in mind the condition of the office itself can make or break clients’ trust.
A filthy or unprofessional office premises won’t set the right impression on clients. If you can’t afford to spend on office maintenance, opt for a virtual office.

Social contact

Many believe that having a virtual office eliminates social contact. While this is true to a certain extent, several service providers now offer various tools to promote communication and coordination across virtual staff members.

Administrative tasks

A virtual office allows easier multitasking. In a traditional office, you will have to hire extra help to take care of daily tasks. However, these offices are based around online operations, such as mail forwarding / receiving, conducting meetings and more. In general, this reduces the headaches and stress associated with running a business.
In a nut shell, you can make the decision factoring in your industry and budget. It doesn’t make sense to have a physical office for an online store. Most importantly, if you have a tight budget, a virtual office is a smarter decision.
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