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5 Signs Your Business Needs A Virtual Office Space

Although virtual office models are still relatively new, it has changed the business landscape. Whether you’re a sole proprietor, a freelancer or have a small firm, a virtual office is an ideal solution to save money.
Here are 5 signs your business could benefit from having virtual office spaces:

#1 You can’t find or afford a prime office location

Despite being a global business hub, the price of rental space continues to surge in Singapore. The ‘Office Space Around the World 2014’ report indicates that Singapore has one of the most expensive rental space markets in Asia, with a 22 percent rental growth every year.
Not every business venture has the financial resources to invest in a physical location. Surging rental property price makes it difficult for companies, especially newly launched ventures to find an affordable physical office space. Thus, more and more companies are moving towards virtual office.
Aside from the elimination of premium, a virtual office also reduces operational costs. What makes virtual offices highly beneficial is that they help firms maintain a professional image. A virtual office service comes with a prime mailing address. Consequently, your clients and stakeholders get the impression that your business is stable and established.

#2 You want to reduce risk

For start-ups, a virtual office is a smarter investment option than a physical space. Setting up a physical office entails financial risks. Alternatively, virtual offices can help reduce risks as most virtual office providers offer services on a monthly basis. Hence, this reduces upfront office cost.
Keep in mind though; different virtual office service providers have varying costs. However, their service costs are generally less than physical offices.
With a virtual office space, you save on overheads (lease, building maintenance expenses) and office equipment (desks, tables, lighting, etc.).
Most importantly, remote workers can work from their home or any place they want, thereby enhancing overall business productivity.

# 3 Your commute is too long

Having a virtual office is an effective way to save on transport. Not to mention, it also saves your time because you won’t to have drive to your workplace.

# 4 You need round-the-clock access to a meeting room

A meeting room is an essential part of any workplace. If you want access to state-of-the-art meeting rooms, virtual office is the way to go. These offices are equipped with the latest technological tools, such as internet and projectors. You no longer have to book external meeting rooms or meet clients in coffee shops.

#5 You want to enhance multitasking

A virtual office serves as a single source for multiple office activities. From mail forwarding / receiving to conducting meetings to customer care, a virtual office makes multitasking easier.
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