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How to Choose the Right Co-Working Space in Singapore

A few years ago, there was no concept of coworking spaces in Singapore and now it seems like they are everywhere! Gone are the days when these spaces were dedicated to hipster startups. Today, coworking spaces with child-minding facilities make it possible for mumpreneurs to run businesses easily. If you have been thinking of signing up for a coworking space, then here are three factors that you need to consider before you do so:


Of all the things that you miss from your time when working as an employee, commuting to work definitely won’t be one. Since becoming a business owner yourself, you are able to skip that grueling part of a working day. If you are looking for a coworking space that suits you, then this is one factor that you need to keep in mind. Pick a coworking space that is so not too far from where you live, so that you can get there easily and quickly and avoid peak hour traffic. That might mean choosing a coworking space that does not have a central location.
However, there are reasons to signing up for a space that is in a central location. Meeting clients in such a place would leave a good impression on them. It will also be easier for them to get to you or you to get to them, if you were based in such a location. You might have to weigh your options and look for a place that is not too out of the way and not smack dab in the middle either.


You might have found the perfect coworking space when it comes to the location but there are other things to consider. Ensure that the subscription packages that the place is offering is the right one for your needs. Some places will only offer full time packages while others will also add part time options to the full time ones. The Co. lets all its members use their location 24/7, except for those who have signed up for a day pass.


One of the many reasons most of us will leave our homes and go to a coworking space is that we miss one element of our employment. That element is human interaction and it should figure in your calculations when you look for a coworking space. If the ambiance is not good or if the kinds of humans you want to interact with is not up to your liking, then you won’t be as productive. If you are a mumpreneur, then Trehaus with its on-site childcare facility will be perfect for you since it will attract a similar crowd.
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