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Here’s Why You Need Serviced Offices

Renting office space is a colossal expense. Not many can afford to buy brand new office premises. Add to that the cost of monthly operational expenditures. Starting and running a business can cause immense financial strain, especially to small business owners. This is precisely why many business owners are moving towards alternative office spaces, such as serviced office suites.
A service office is a pay-as-you-use facility. It offers multiple benefits to business owners, which include the following:

Reduces initial set up expenses

Unlike a traditional office, a serviced office is equipped with essential amenities, such as a meeting room, Wi-Fi and Internet, etc. Therefore, business owners don’t have to worry about these expenditures.

Available for immediate move in

If you want office space right away, serviced office is the way to go. Since a serviced office comes with equipment and amenities, it’s ready for immediate occupation. It’s already established and ready for us. You won’t waste any time waiting to get things installed.

Enhances flexibility

Serviced office lease agreements are long and short-term. Depending on your requirements, you can select the one that suits your business. With short-team agreements, you have the freedom to not extend the contract if things don’t work out. Thus, short-term lease agreements are suitable for start-ups or small business owners with tight budgets. Business owners also get access to variety of office layouts and sizes.

Pay for what you need

Whether it’s the office space or any facility, you pay for what you need only. For example, if you need to meet a client in conference room, you will book it in advance and use it.

Access to professional support team

With serviced offices, high quality equipment and staff comes as standard. You don’t have to spend time and money on hiring office maintenance professional when it’s already covered in your contract.
Serviced offices have a team of professionals who handle maintenance issues, including cleaning, security and IT support.
As a result, business owners can spend their time and money on other tasks.
A serviced office is a worthwhile investment. For serviced offices in Singapore, Kuala Lumpur and Jakarta, we have got you covered.
Our Singapore serviced offices are available in a wide choice of suites, sizes and layout configurations. From daily housekeeping to mail keeping to Wi-Fi, we offer great facilities at unbeatable pricing. Receive a quick quote online now.