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A meeting room is an essential part of your business that allows you to meet clients, employees and host seminars. And there are a number of reasons why you may wish to hire a meeting room all of the meeting room on your premises may be fully booked out over the next few weeks, or you may not have enough room to host a large gathering of people Or maybe your client is on the other side of the city, and you want to find a meeting place that is convenient for both of you to get to.

That's where we come in. Centennial offers strategically located meeting rooms in Singapore with all the amenities you can ask for. From high-speed internet to audio-visual conferencing facilities, projectors and complementary beverages, our meeting rooms are loaded with everything that makes your meetings more efficient and productive.

Centennial is only a phone call away

Our meeting rooms are known throughout Singapore for offering a professional and versatile space that will help you to make the best impression on your clients. Get in touch with us to discuss our meeting room rental options, and book your next meeting today!

What You'll Get

Centennial's meeting rooms provide you with

Minimum Booking of 15 minutes block

Prime and Accessible Locations

Perfectly Clean and Impressive Space

High-speed Wireless Internet Access

Projector Usage

Audio and Video Conferencing

Whiteboards, Flip Charts and Markers

Complimentary Beverage Services

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Centennial's Meeting Room